The road to becoming a member of UUFES is unique to each person. Some people immediately feel at home and ready to engage here—they can’t sign the membership book fast enough. Others take their time—sometimes years!—before committing to be a member. Meanwhile, their status is “Friend,” which means that they’re welcome to fully join in the life of the Fellowship, with two exceptions: voting in congregational meetings (only members vote) and holding elected positions.

If you are curious about becoming a member of the Fellowship, please tell the minister or someone on the Membership Committee or the Governing Board. You’ll be invited to have a conversation with Rev. Betsy about what it means to be a member. In addition to engaging in the activities of various groups and perhaps committees, you will now be able to vote at annual congregational meetings on the future of the Fellowship—e.g. on the annual budget, on embarking on new projects, and, from time to time, on calling a new minister. Members also agree to make an annual financial contribution, of any amount, to UUFES—friends’ and members’ contributions are the sole source of funds for the running of the Fellowship.

In joining UUFES, you become part of the greater Unitarian Universalist movement. The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) not only credentials ministers but runs workshops and trainings all over the country and gives UUs concrete guidance in how to live into our values in the larger community. It lobbies in Washington DC on behalf our values. The UUA hosts General Assembly (GA)—an annual meeting of thousands of UUs which takes place in a different U.S. city every year. GA is an eye-opening, aspirational, educational, mind-expanding, deeply spiritual experience. In joining UUFES, members also receive UUA’s quarterly magazine, UU World.

When you sign the membership book, you become a member of UUFES. Once or twice a year, we formally introduce new members to the congregation Sunday morning. We look forward to that!