Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
of the Eastern Slopes

UUFES Committees

Governing Board

Mission: Working to support the larger goals and purposes of Unitarian-Universalism, the Governing Board makes decisions, sets priorities, develops policy, plans for the future and develops programs to assure the work of the Fellowship.

The Governing Board facilitates communication and cooperation among the leadership, committees and Fellowship members.

President: Ellin Leonard
Vice President: David Wilkins
Treasurer: Ele Border
Secretary: Andy Davis
Members at Large: Tino Fernandes, Shelly Freberg, Mike Pratt

Building & Grounds

Mission: To insure the proper maintenance and use of the Meetinghouse, grounds and equipment. (6/2005)

Chair: Bill Lotz
Members: Carol Smith, Ted Hoyt, Bobbi Hoyt, Marshall Nye, Mike Pratt, Ellin Leonard
adjunct landscaping members: Ellin Leonard, Bob Young
Building Usage Blythe Sterling

Endowment Committee

now under Finance Committee

Religious Education

Mission: see Religious Education

Chair: Ingrid Albee, Melanie Hodge, Laura Campbell, Jen Smith


Mission: To manage and provide for the budgeting, pledge record keeping, bookkeeping and finances of the Fellowship. (12/2005)

Chair: Betsy Loughran
Members: Ted Hoyt, Ele Border, Jo Ann Rainville, Tino Fernandes, Cathy Mersfelder


Mission: To promote an atmosphere of fellowship and community within the congregation. The hospitality committee provides coffee, tea and refreshments to facilitate the social gathering following the Sunday service. (1/2004)

Chair: Melanie Hodge


Leadership Development (Nominating Committee)

Mission The mission of the Nominating Committee is to assess and develop the leadership resources within the Fellowship. Procedurally, it is to identify persons whose abilities and characteristics suggest their potential to serve competently in Governing Board or committee positions. Further, to consult with persons thus identified and seek their agreement to serve. (11/2004)

Andrea Walsh
Ingrid Albee
Cindy Reiffen

Social Actions Committee

Convenors: Andy Davis, Carol Smith, Ellin Leonard, Jerry Cline, Lyn Slanetz

Special Collections

Mission: To share financial resources with the wider community.

Members: Kathy Burnell, Sandra Carr, Kim Hammel

Sunday Services

Mission: To work with the minister or guest speaker in developing programs for Sunday morning worship services that support the mission and covenant of the congregation. Our services are guided by the Unitarian Universalist belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and by the desire to explore, without creedal boundaries, the mysteries of our lives. Working together and upholding the mission of our Fellowship, the Sunday Service Committee seeks to achieve and maintain services of high quality and appropriate content. (5/2005)

Chair: Barbara Lubin
Members: Susan Blake, Mark Allen, John Mersfelder, Diana Levy, Marshall Nye