The UUFES Governing Board created and adopted a Safe Congregation Policy on June 2012. The policy opens with “Philosophies for maintaining a safe congregation”:

UUFES seeks to provide a safe place for members and friends of the congregation to explore spiritual growth. Safety includes protection from harm, be it physical, sexual or psychological. The safety of our children is of particular concern.

Adults who feel threatened or harassed by another member of the congregation should attempt to handle it face-to-face. If this is not successful, then the matter should be dealt with through steps outlined in the UUFES Disruptive Behavior Policy.

As a liberal religious community, our doors are open to all. This includes people with past criminal records. Should a criminal record come to light, the person will be treated with the respect and dignity which we profess as part of our faith while we also assure the safety of our members and their families. Should the person have a record of violence against children and is registered as such, the Safe Congregation Policy and Procedures will be strictly enforced to protect the safety and welfare of our members and children while providing a spiritual home for the individual. The first priority of UUFES is the safety and well-being of its members and children.

The Safe Congregation Policy is posted in its entirety on the office bulletin board.