Rev. Betsy Mead Tabor, Minister 

A 3/4 time minister, Rev. Betsy leads worship two to four times a month. Guest speakers, ministers and UUFES lay leaders lead worship on all other Sundays. They bring diverse spiritual approaches to UUFES and speak on a variety of thought-provoking topics. See

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04/24/2022 TEXT “In Good Hands”
04/17/2022 TEXT “Easter Opens Us Up”
04/03/2022 TEXT “Birds of a Feather”

03/20/22 TEXT “Tipping Into The Vernal Equinox”
03/13/22 TEXT “Carrying It All Lightly”
03/06/22 TEXT “A Steady Foundation”

02/20/22 TEXT “Telling It Again”
02/13/22 TEXT “Trusting Love”
02/06/22 TEXT “And All Shall Be Well”

01/23/22 TEXT “Dreaming In Ordinary Times”
01/16/22 TEXT “Dr. King Speaks To Us Today”
01/09/22 TEXT “So Very Frustrated!”
01/02/22 TEXT “A Grateful Awareness”

12/26/21 TEXT “UU’s Six Sources”
12/19/21 TEXT “Turning Toward Light”
12/12/21 TEXT “Close In Spirit”
12/05/21 TEXT “Our Dear Elders”

11/28/21 TEXT “Seed and Soil” 11/21/21 TEXT “Yet Another Different Thanksgiving” –ZOOM Recording, Password: fJ+Vz0ts
11/14/21 TEXT “Wide-Angle Lens of Age”
11/07/21 TEXT “Living In This Wondrous Body” –ZOOM Recording, Password: @yLaY21*

10/31/21 TEXT “Our Ancestor’s Dreamings” –ZOOM Recording, Password: J4M&SG+b
10/17/21 TEXT “Blazingly Alive” –ZOOM Recording, Password: 01mA&hZK
10/10/21 TEXT “Making Peace” –ZOOM Recording, Password: 0M43#U47

09/12/21 TEXT “Current of Love” –ZOOM Recording, Password: 6j5ECf#Z
09/05/21 “Field Trip” to All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington, DC

08/29/21 “Letting Go” –ZOOM Recording, Password: 8sDbuG@V
08/22/21 “Stronger Than We Seem” –ZOOM Recording, Password: !kB@3gV!
08/08/21 TEXT “Laughter for the Soul” –ZOOM Recording, Password: AT2=RM=8
08/01/21 TEXT “Where Imagination Takes Us” –ZOOM Recording, Password: 46s@l%&&

07/18/21 “A Deep Consonance”
07/11/21 “When Will I Feel Safe Again”
07/04/21 “The Country Where My Heart Is”

06/27/21 “Until Love Wins” (GA Service)
06/20/21 “Opening Up”
06/06/21 “Carefully Taught”

<05/30/21 “The Sweet Smell of Rain”
05/23/21 “Who, Me? Annointed?”

05/09/21 “A Universal Matter”

05/02/21 “This Time of Greening”

04/19/21 “When Dragons Dream”
04/11/21 “Contemplation On Ice-Out”

04/04/21 “Delighted Surprise”

03/28/21 “In These Trembling Times”
03/21/21 “The Unexpected Joys of Commitment”

03/14/21 “We Are All Changed”

03/07/21 “Why This Congregation Matters”

02/28/21 “Stories That Run Deep”
02/14/21 “Love Comes Knocking”
02/07/21 “Contemplating Emergence”

01/24/21 “Beginning Again Love”
01/17/21 “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”
01/10/21 “The Sanctity of Place”

12/20/20 “The Winter Solstice”
12/13/20 “Light That Lasts”
12/06/20 “Stoking the Fire”

11/22/20 “Grateful: A Thanksgiving Service”
11/15/20 “The Company of Trees”
11/08/20 “Do You Hear What I Hear”
11/01/20 “Hope in Darkening Days”

10/18/20 “We Are All Pagans”
10/11/20 “Seeing What Is”
09/27/20 “The Surprise of Grace”
09/13/20 “To Pay Attention”

08/30/20 “Togetherness”
08/16/20 “Waking Ourselves Up”
08/02/20 “Everyday Courage”

07/26/20 “Under the Starry Stars”
07/19/20 “Navigating the In-Between”
07/12/20 “Outta My Head”
07/05/20 “UU Fervor”

06/21/20 “The Momentum of Hope”
06/14/20 “Rising – Beauty the Brave”
06/07/20 “Holding On”

05/24/20 “Memorial Day – Another War”
05/17/20 “Free As a Bird”
05/10/20 “What about the Children”

04/19/20 “The Seeds We Plant”
04/12/20 “And When It Is Over”
04/05/20 “How to Spell Hero”

03/29/20 “Life Has Never Looked So Good”
03/22/20 “In It Together”
03/15/20 “Sacred Circle”
03/08/20 “What Goes Around”

02/23/20 “What We Know”
02/16/20 “All You Need Is . . . ”
02/02/20 “They Drew a Circle”

01/26/20 “Tapping Into Power”
01/19/20 “In His Footsteps”
01/05/20 “The Important Things”

12/24/19 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (intergenerational)*
12/22/19 “Celebrate the Light” (intergenerational)*
12/22/19 “When the Holidays Hurt” (no sermon)
12/15/19 “Blurred Boundaries”
12/01/19 “Sing for Hope”

11/24/19 “Setting a Table of Thankfulness” (intergenerational)*
11/10/19 “Study War No More”
11/03/19 “Past Peak”

10/27/19 “Joy in the Great Family”
10/13/19 “The First Ones”

09/29/19 “On the Far Side of the Equinox”
09/22/19 “Water Communion Service” (intergenerational)*
09/01/19 “All in a Day’s Work”

08/25/19 “Injustice Too Loud To Ignore”
08/04/19 “When Evening Comes”

07/28/19 “An Experiment So Bold”
07/26/19 Harvey Stephenson’s 100th Birthday Celebration: Excerpts / birthday card / birthday card insert
07/14/19 “On the Marsh’s Edge”

06/30/19 “Are We There Yet”
06/16/19 “Becoming”

05/26/19 “Singing the Same Song”
05/19/19 “Beyond Words – A Service of Music” (intergenerational)
05/12/19 “What We Cannot See”

04/28/19 “What I Meant To Say”
04/21/19 “Life-Giving Green: A Celebration of Passover, Easter and Spring” (intergenerational)
04/07/19 “Thawing Out”

03/31/19 “Finding our Bearings”
03/24/19 “Rising Waters”
03/10/19 “With the Wind at Our Backs”
03/03/19 “Buoyant”

2/17/19 “Our Common Threads” (intergenerational service about immigration)*
02/10/19 “It’s Complicated”
02/03/19 “In the Belly of Imbolc”

01/27/19 “Reason to Celebrate”
01/06/19 “Letting Go”

12/23/18 “Deep Green Solstice” (intergenerational service)*
12/24/18 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (intergenerational service)
12/09/18 “The Language of Hope”
12/02/18 “Topping off the Tank”

11/25/18 “Tis a Gift”
11/11/18 “We Will Not Forget”
11/04/18 “The Light We Seek”

10/14/18 “Beginning at Home”
10/07/18 “We Are the Grateful Ones”

09/30/18 “Tapping Into Strength”
09/16/18 Water Communion (intergenerational service)*
09/09/18 “Return Again”

08/26/18 “A Service About the South”
08/19/18 “Love Even Still”
08/05/18 “Becoming Durga”

07/29/18 “Saying Yes”
07/22/18 “Climb Every Mountain”
07/08/18 “The Spaces Between Us”
07/01/18 “Sounding the Call” – Rev. Sophia Betancourt at General Assembly

06/17/18 Flower Communion (intergenerational service)*
06/10/18 “Always Listening”
06/03/18 “Embracing ‘We'”

05/20/18 “Exalted”
05/13/18 “Into the Deep”

04/29/18 “Siding with Love”
04/22/18 “Respecting Nature’s Wildness: An Earth Day Celebration”
04/15/18 “Companioned”
04/01/18 “Spring, Passover, Easter: A Celebration”

03/25/18 “”Living With What We Know”
03/11/18 “”Our Free Church”
03/04/18 “”Marching FoUUrth”

2/25/18 Circle Worship (due to snow storm)
02/11/18 “”Given Us To Love”
02/04/18 “Tell Me Your Joy”

01/14/18 “”Jumping into Justice”
01/07/18 “”Unencumbered”

12/24/17 Christmas Eve Pick-up Pageant (intergenerational service)*
12/24/17 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (intergenerational service)*
12/17/17 “”What Is The Star You’re Following Now?”
12/10/17 “Why, Who Makes Much Of A Miracle”
12/3/17 “Navigating the Holiday Gap”

11/26/17 “Find a Stillness” (music, readings and silence)
11/19/17 Thanksgiving Service (intergenerational service)*
11/12/17 “No-vembering”

10/29/17 “Beaming Out at You”
10/15/17 “Walking our Talk”
10/01/17 “Taking Stock”

09/24/17 “That Calling Voice”
09/17/17 “What Difference Can I Make?”
09/10/17 Water Communion (intergenerational service)*

08/20/17 “Poetry Sunday”
08/13/17 “Mad Dash or Mountain Guru”
08/6/17 “Tree Glory”

07/30/17 “Ordinary Times, Extraordinary Possibility”
07/16/17 “What an Interesting Name”
07/02/17 “When the Game Changes”

06/18/17 “Life’s Raw Materials” (Flower Communion Service)
06/04/17 “At One Extreme or Another”

05/28/17 “Awakened by Song”
05/21/17 “Flying Off the Handle”

04/30/17 “Showing Up” – Rzhanov Child Dedication
04/16/17 Easter Sunday (intergenerational service)*
04/09/17 “The Things We Make”
04/02/17 “Laughing Out Loud”

03/19/17 “Allowing Room”
03/12/17 “Extending the Gift of Sanctuary”

02/19/17   “Ours To Choose”
02/12/17   “Unexpected Sweetness”

01/29/17   “Rather Religious” – Volunteer Recognition Sunday
01/22/17   “It Takes a Village”
01/15/17   “Beginning Again”

12/24/16  Christmas Eve Service (intergenerational service)*
12/25/16  Christmas Morning Service (intergenerational service)*
12/21/16  “Light in the Darkness”
12/11/16  “What We Do”
12/04/16  “The Season of Waiting”

11/20/16 Thanksgiving Service (intergenerational service)*
11/13/16 “And a Time to Heal”

10/30/16 “Living In the In-Between” (Dia de los Muertos Service)
10/23/16 “This Shining Moment in the Now”
10/16/16  “No Greater Love” (Blessing of the Animals Service)
10/2/16 “To Inly Rejoice”

9/18/16 “To Risk It All”
9/11/16 Water Communion Service (intergenerational service)*

8/28/16 “Quenching Our Thirst”
8/21/16 “The Light We Shine”
8/7/16 “What Will We Plant?”

*Typically, intergenerational services do not include a full sermon.