A few quotes from young people of UUFES:

“My best memory about UUFES is when I met my friend. I like how UUFES is fun. You get to be with a small group of kids, and you can do a lot of crafts.”  

“Sundays are my favorite day because of what we do in UUFES downstairs.

“Talking about things that matter is important to me.

“I like sharing our joys and sorrows.

“It’s great that we do art, theater and other activities and don’t just talk about things.  Like with bullying, we acted out scenes and worked with puppets.

“I love catching up with my friends in a creative way.

“What I love about UUFES is the community that we have created. There is a lot of fun stuff that we get to do such as game night and stories, but there is important stuff that we learn too. I like all of it as long as I am with the group.”